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The Movement was created in agreement with the Italian Embassy and in coordination with the main Italian Associations in Monaco with the aim of raising funds to directly help the structures and hospital staff in the fight against Covid-19.

Thanks to your generous donations we have collected to date the sum of:


And we have made wire transfers to the following :

  • Niguarda Hospital in Milan for the amount of 20.000€
  • Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital of Bergamo for the amount of 10.000€
  • Legnano Magenta Hospital Foundation for the amount of 5.000€
  • ASL 3 Villa Scassi of Genova for the amount of 10.000€
  • AOU Maggiore Hospital of Novara for the amount of 10.000€
  • Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche Mario Negri Milan for the amount of 10.000€
  • Istituto Malattie Infettive L. Spallanzani of Rome for the amount of 10.000€
  • U.O.C. Istituto Infezioni Sistematiche D. Cotugno of Naples for the amount of 10.000€
  • FNOPI Federazione Nazionale Ordini Professioni Infermieristiche of Rome for the amount of 6.000€

We kindly ask you to continue to support us, and remind you of the data of the Banca Popolare di Sondrio headquarters in Monaco:

  • IBAN MC58 1490 8000 0111 0252 5000 191 (Aiim account - causal ITALIAvsCOVID-19)) et BIC POSO MCM1
  • Or a check made out to: OFP (Oasis For Peace - Monaco) address: 11, Avenue de l'Hermitage 98000 Monaco.

Thank you for your generous and valuable support !


About Us

Oasis For Peace (OFP), founded by Alessandro Dalmasso and Sylva Cosulich Dalmasso with Don Rito Julio Alvarez, works with professionals and operators with proven experience in the for-profit and non-profit sectors who believe in the proposed integrated development model.


Oasis For Peace Monaco
11, avenue de l'Hermitage
98000 Principauté de Monaco

+377 92 16 71 97

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